In the mid-1980s, Perry Office Products and Belton Office Products began one of the company’s largest annual services: selling pre-packaged school supplies for Belton and Temple ISD out of the Belton store.

This service started with the intention to save customers time on back-to-school shopping, and it received such a great response that Perry continued it the following year, and the year after, and every year after that! Additionally, while Perry only pre-packages for Belton and Temple ISD, if families from other districts get in touch with us, we are happy to help gather everything they need for their schools.

The promotion starts mid-July and continues until the school year starts. To help busy families a little more, Perry opens its door for a few Saturdays during the promotion.

This service is probably one of Perry’s most anticipated promotions each year, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the community support we receive – it makes it truly rewarding to be able to help save our customers time, stress, and money.